Photographing the conference facilities at the National Justice Museum

The National Justice Museum in Nottingham has recently refurbished a number of rooms around the building which form part of their excellent conference facilities which are available for hire by businesses, charities and individuals.

I was commissioned to photograph numerous rooms, the impressive entrance called the Shire Hall, the beautiful Grand Jury Room in different layouts and the Victorian Civil Court, built in 1889. I was very pleased to be asked to do this work and knew the rooms well as I had attended a number of meetings in the building the year before. The images will be used on the website to promote the rooms and make people aware that conferencing facilities exist at the National Justice Museum and so help increase income for the charity.

The large windows allowed lots of natural light to flood into the rooms and there was constant juggling with exposures as it was sometimes overcast and cloudy which gave a lovely soft light but at other times the sunlight was strong and so quite harsh at times.

I took it all in my stride as the key is to be patient and work with whatever nature decides to throw at me and simply adjust the settings accordingly. It’s a wonderful building and well worth a visit given all it’s different uses over the hundreds of years and do check out the old prison cells which are really creepy!