Dan Simpkin Graphic Designer

Dan is working on a rebrand of his business and he produced the best shoot brief I’ve ever had from a client, conveying his very clear vision for how the images would work, for use on both his website and any printed matter. Dan wanted clean and uncluttered images so that he can use his design skills to  make the visuals and text convey exactly what his business can do for his clients. This is the first time I’ve worked with a graphic designer and really enjoyed the experience of working with someone who makes a living from design. I’m looking forward to watching his business grow (he’s already off to a flying start!) and hope to be collaborating on new work for him and some of his future clients. 


Photographing all things shiny!

I had a wonderful afternoon photographing products for jewellery designer Karen Duncan at PonyPonyPony. Karen really enjoys working with a wide range of stones, gems and metals and loves the process of taking raw materials and changing them into something even more beautiful and decorative. So, in keeping with her love of all things natural, Karen wanted real people modelling her unique pieces of jewellery. She invited a group of friends to her home and based the shoot in her garden. Amongst other things, I used the trees, old shed and garage walls to show off the different items. It was a fun day and luckily for me not too sunny so I had soft diffuse light to work with for the most part. I always enjoy working with new clients to help tell their story and working with Karen was a very enjoyable collaborative experience. I look forward to working with her again photographing her amazing range of totally bespoke pieces of jewellery. Do get in touch with her if you would like to commission and perhaps even help design a unique item for yourself or a loved one: karen@ponyponypony.co.uk