Dan Simpkin Graphic Designer

Dan is working on a rebrand of his business and he produced the best shoot brief I’ve ever had from a client, conveying his very clear vision for how the images would work, for use on both his website and any printed matter. Dan wanted clean and uncluttered images so that he can use his design skills to  make the visuals and text convey exactly what his business can do for his clients. This is the first time I’ve worked with a graphic designer and really enjoyed the experience of working with someone who makes a living from design. I’m looking forward to watching his business grow (he’s already off to a flying start!) and hope to be collaborating on new work for him and some of his future clients. 


Nottinghamshire Hospice

A little trip down memory lane here but a year ago the lovely people at Nottinghamshire Hospice got in touch to explain they had great news about some free promotional space which they would need images for. Nottingham City Buses had offered the hospice free advertising on the back of one of their buses and so I was asked to produce a range of images which meant working all over the site to cover the different services they offer, the staff that work there and the wonderful grounds the hospice is surrounded by. The building is a day centre and offers numerous services to people including a range of therapies, treatments, refreshments and a freshly prepared hot meal at lunchtime. 

Fortunately, I had a warm and slightly overcast day which meant there were no harsh shadows to contend with when photographing the grounds and people sitting on the benches relaxing and talking. In the end the main image chosen does, I feel, reflect exactly what the hospice is about and that is people. People and the quality of life they can enjoy for the days, weeks or months they have left. Nottinghamshire Hospice is a wonderful charity doing really important work to help people in the community.  if you would like to know more then here is the link to take you directly to their website: www.nottshospice.org