Grain et Feuille Coffee roastery and retailer

I first had the pleasure of working with Grain et Feuille in France (in the region of Rhône-Alpes) a couple of years ago and went back this year to shoot product shots for their social media. There is so much work that goes in to producing a decent cup of coffee which I started to appreciate more fully after spending time watching the coffee beans being roasted, ground, packaged, labelled and sold. This business has only been going for two years but is already in profit and I expect that it won’t be too long before they expand into new premises and accrue even more venues to place their premium coffee and machines into. I‘m back to do more work for them late next year so looking forward to spending some time in this beautiful part of France and exploring the region more.


Photographing all things shiny!

I had a wonderful afternoon photographing products for jewellery designer Karen Duncan at PonyPonyPony. Karen really enjoys working with a wide range of stones, gems and metals and loves the process of taking raw materials and changing them into something even more beautiful and decorative. So, in keeping with her love of all things natural, Karen wanted real people modelling her unique pieces of jewellery. She invited a group of friends to her home and based the shoot in her garden. Amongst other things, I used the trees, old shed and garage walls to show off the different items. It was a fun day and luckily for me not too sunny so I had soft diffuse light to work with for the most part. I always enjoy working with new clients to help tell their story and working with Karen was a very enjoyable collaborative experience. I look forward to working with her again photographing her amazing range of totally bespoke pieces of jewellery. Do get in touch with her if you would like to commission and perhaps even help design a unique item for yourself or a loved one:




Beautiful homes and lots of fun doing property shoots

I have long had an interest in photographing architecture and all sorts of buildings both commercial and residential. I like pondering what makes a structure a great place to live or work and thinking about what lessons we have learnt from the past about how we utilise space. The buildings we occupy should be not only functional but also spaces where we want to spend time and simply enjoy being there. The best architecture does, of course, lift our spirits and makes us feel happy to wander around and explore different areas and watch the play of light in and around the structure. We have an emotional connection to the space and look forward to our visit to either work rest or play. Lately I have been lucky to visit some lovely homes to photograph in preparation for selling and had the pleasure of meeting and talking to interesting people. Here's an example of some of the homes I've had the pleasure to work in. 


Nottinghamshire Hospice

A little trip down memory lane here but a year ago the lovely people at Nottinghamshire Hospice got in touch to explain they had great news about some free promotional space which they would need images for. Nottingham City Buses had offered the hospice free advertising on the back of one of their buses and so I was asked to produce a range of images which meant working all over the site to cover the different services they offer, the staff that work there and the wonderful grounds the hospice is surrounded by. The building is a day centre and offers numerous services to people including a range of therapies, treatments, refreshments and a freshly prepared hot meal at lunchtime. 

Fortunately, I had a warm and slightly overcast day which meant there were no harsh shadows to contend with when photographing the grounds and people sitting on the benches relaxing and talking. In the end the main image chosen does, I feel, reflect exactly what the hospice is about and that is people. People and the quality of life they can enjoy for the days, weeks or months they have left. Nottinghamshire Hospice is a wonderful charity doing really important work to help people in the community.  if you would like to know more then here is the link to take you directly to their website: 



International Women's Day - BBC Nottingham and Nottinghamshire Police

BBC Radio Nottingham invited firearms officer, Angie Cochrane, one of only 4 female firearms officers in a team of 52 from Nottinghamshire Police to discuss her career to date. She talked about her most memorable 999 call, her pet hens and what it's like being a woman in a male dominated environment.  I was asked to nip over to the BBC building to photograph Angie and Verity once they had finished the interview and managed to get this image of the two of them in the recording studio. The interview wasn't broadcast live but was part of a series of programmes being aired weekly over Women's history month of Verity speaking to different women about their careers. I have often passed the BBC Radio Nottingham building and wondered what it would look like inside so was very excited to finally be walking through the doors! I obviously didn't have much time to grab my shots, as both Angie and Verity had to get back to work but managed to get this shot, straight after the interview.   


Annual LGBT+ Partnership Conference at the Council House Nottingham

This was my third year photographing the annual LGBT+ Partnership Conference in Nottingham and this year, for the second year running, at the beautiful Council House in Market Square. The organisations that come together to host these annual conferences work together throughout the year to organise events that are always well attended and offer and safe place for insightful dialogue and debate. The organisations that work together to make these conferences a success are Nottingham City Council, Nottingham City Homes, Nottinghamshire County Council, Nottinghamshire Police, Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service, Nottinghamshire Healthcare and NHS Trust, and Vision West Nottinghamshire College. The ballroom at the Council House is a wonderful place to photograph as it benefits from excellent light thanks to the enormous windows that are equally spread all along one side. I love shooting in this type of natural light and had many opportunities to make great images as the light changed from morning to afternoon.



It's all go at Little Wickets!

I had the pleasure of working with Chloe Williams, Managing Director of Little Wickets, which is all about providing cricket fun for the under 7's. There are numerous sessions run all over Nottinghamshire and Chloe wanted images that showed the children actively taking part and enjoying their time with expert coaches and each other. The aims of Little Wickets is that children pick up the fundamentals of movement to develop individual skills, team work and fair play. It was an energetic photography session (to say the least!) but great fun watching these children learn and play together.    



Victoria Tretis from My VA Rocks

Victoria and i had a very enjoyable morning walking around West Bridgford to find outdoor places where we could shoot her headshots. Always wonderful to work with someone who is so cheerful, positive and up for trying all sorts of places to see what works best. Victoria was a little nervous at the beginning as she hates being the centre of attention but we talked a lot and shared funny stories and she soon started to relax. 




Charmaine Roche, Lifeflowbalance Coaching and Consulting Ltd

Charmaine has worked in the education sector for over 20 years initially as a teacher and now as a coach in education establishments working alongside staff. She specialises in coaching consultancy related to promoting organisational change, resilience, leadership development and well-being. As an executive Coach she works with teams individuals and groups. It was a delight to work with Charmaine as she was calm and easy to work with. Charmaine had requested a variety of images of her running a workshop at The University of Nottingham and also headshots which she could use on social media, publications and websites.      

CRHR-21 copy.jpg

Product shots for Nottingham based Crowe's Sauces

Having photographed the first iteration of Crowe's delicious chilli sauces back in November 2016 things have moved on somewhat for the owner Alessandra Crowe and a year later the business is going places. The production has now moved from Alessandra's residence to a unit at Sneinton Market and a now an even hotter sauce (can you believe?!) is being developed and tested. In December Alessandra is off the Brazil for a month to do research and see what other sauces she might be inclined to develop and put into production for 2018. In the meantime here are the latest product shoots. 



More headshots for East Midlands speech therapy business

So back to the speech therapy company for more headshots of a couple of new members of staff. The company had, of course, moved offices once more and are now situated in the loveliest coach house in West Bridgford. It was great to see everyone again and I even had time to have a cup of tea and a quick catch up with them afterwards before we all had to head off in different directions and get back to work.   



Nottingham's newest aquatics centre opens in Arnold

The owner of this new aquatics centre has already built a very successful online business selling fish and other pet foods. He now, however, has decided to take the next step and open what he hopes will be the first of a number of outlets in Nottingham and potentially across the UK. It was a pleasure working with him and his team in the new shop and already there were plans to purchase additional tanks for the tropical and marine fish room so it will be interesting to see what other ideas they have to utilise all the space this premises has to offer.   


Working with a Website Design Business

This business has some extremely talented individuals working there and don't take my word for it go to their website and see examples of their work for yourself at Happily not only are they talented  but also great guys to work with and I enjoyed photographing them in their office and meeting room as they discussed their next project. I am sure there will be additional members of the team in the near future and I look forward to seeing the business develop and grow. 


Corporate Images for Online Marketing Business

I was commissioned by the MD of this business, specialists in online marketing, to shoot images for their website. Yet another East Midlands business seeing significant growth and quickly out growing their premises. It was a pleasure to work with a such a friendly and happy team and i look forward to working with them more on future projects. If you’re in need of specialist help with paid per click advertising then this is a great company to talk to and this is their website:



Networking events at the Nottingham Playhouse

I was commissioned by a marketing company to photograph a series of their monthly networking meetings at Nottingham Playhouse over the course of five months. I had been attending these events to meet potential clients before being commissioned so I knew the drill. I really enjoyed being there as a photographer and photographing for the two hours. The Playhouse can throw up some interesting lighting issues in different parts of the space the meeting, networking and presentations took place but it's all in a day's work and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience.  


Nottingham Trent University Annual Green Academy Awards

I was so pleased to be asked for the third year running to photograph the NTU Green Academy Awards. The students come to study at NTU from all over the world and their commitment to sustainability and caring for the environment is really inspiring. Their innovative ideas for long term sustainable development is a testament to NTU's own work in the Green Academy to embed education for sustainable development across the curriculum of the whole University. Listening to the students, some of whom share their project ideas, and learning how they are choosing to make a difference, gives me encouragement that there is hope for future generations. These young people have a deep understanding that we simply need to care more for our environment and each other. The room is always buzzing with much laughter, positive energy and a sense of accomplishment and it is wonderful to get to witness the emergence of such talented individuals who will hopefully embark on rewarding and challenging careers in the years ahead. Well done Green Academy graduates of 2017!