Beautiful Properties in the East Midlands

It's always an honour to enter someone's home who is willing to give me total access to take photographs. I don't take the trust for granted so I move from space to space as discreetly as possible and I'm acutely mindful that I'm in someone else's home. Although I work systematically I take the time to think when I'm in a space and consider where the best places are to place my tripod and begin work. As ever, the devil is in the detail when shooting property, so I am constantly assessing the space as I work to make sure everything looks right. Wherever possible I will remove or move things around to make the image work as well as possible to show off the space. Getting back to my desk, shortlisting and editing each photograph is where I finally decide which images will be shown to the estate agent and vendor of course. It's lovely to get positive feedback but I continue to learn all the time because I want to produce the best images I possibly can.



Nottingham Trent University Annual Green Academy Awards

I was so pleased to be asked for the third year running to photograph the NTU Green Academy Awards. The students come to study at NTU from all over the world and their commitment to sustainability and caring for the environment is really inspiring. Their innovative ideas for long term sustainable development is a testament to NTU's own work in the Green Academy to embed education for sustainable development across the curriculum of the whole University. Listening to the students, some of whom share their project ideas, and learning how they are choosing to make a difference, gives me encouragement that there is hope for future generations. These young people have a deep understanding that we simply need to care more for our environment and each other. The room is always buzzing with much laughter, positive energy and a sense of accomplishment and it is wonderful to get to witness the emergence of such talented individuals who will hopefully embark on rewarding and challenging careers in the years ahead. Well done Green Academy graduates of 2017!